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We had a very good weekend. Lots of garden work, lots of walking, and not a lot of stress.

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redsixwing: Picture shows two water lily leaves with stem plants growing in their shade. (stems)
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At least for the cold-season crops, it's go time.

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During a recent stream of Fate/EXTELLA, a musou action game + extremely gay visual novel I've been streaming, one of our viewers pointed out that something a love interest did was abusive.

We acknowledged this as soon as we saw the comment, and once we were done with that scene we paused the game to discuss it with the chat. The goal wasn't to make excuses for the game and the character, but to validate the concerns that this viewer raised, and to acknowledge that yes, this was problematic.

We've watched streams before where everyone seemed to be okay with something that triggered or unnerved us, and it's a really bad feeling. We may lose some (hypothetical) viewers from having these discussions, but I like to think that the ones who are invested enough in our streams to let us know when they're uncomfortable are worth keeping.

Click here if you can't see the Fate/EXTELLA trailer.

If that interests you at all, you can subscribe to our stream here, or view our Fate/EXTELLA series from the beginning. Our next stream will be tomorrow, Monday April 17, at 9 PM EDT, and will last about an hour and a half. We're happy to answer questions and explain context behind what's going on.


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Okay so, funny thing I've experienced since Z got the mustang and I've been able to drive it, there's a whole different world of experience associated with it and it's not just the fact that you're driving a more powerful engine.

Like, IDK if it's just because I'm in college town area or if it's common for this to happen across the US, but every stoplight I'm at, if there is another muscle car or tuned up car next to me, it'll rev at me/my car. Really obvious, loud revving. And then they will try to race me. Like I'm no fool, I'm not going to gun it at a stop light and risk getting pulled over, but so many of these yahoos take there being any other muscle car around them as some sort of automatic invitation to do some half baked street racing. And if not on a stop light, they will gun their engines, sometimes pulling next to me and trying to even our pace before revving and gunning it. Once again, I'm going to go the speed limit thankyouverymuch.

I have been talked to more inside and around my car than I've been 'called at' off the streets/sidewalk (which is a grand total of 2 times, for context) and it's frankly been some of the more awkward situations. And it's not like the car that remarkable ?? Like it's just a 2006 silver mustang convertible, no custom paint or anything and it's a little worse for wear. It's just so weird

Having a 'muscle car' is a really strange and surreal experience and I don't think I'd want to do it voluntarily.


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